September 2023 with Atasha Muhlach


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In an industry that keeps evolving by the minute, how does one adapt and move in a way that stays true to culture, heritage, roots, and craft? For the September issue of MEGA magazine, we explore the transformation of fashion’s meaning and purpose through designers such as Ellis Co and Viña Romero. We also revisit stylists who’ve made it abroad while staying true to their Filipino aesthetics. Plus, Rajo Laurel, who has helped shaped the fashion industry for the last 30 years is showing us how growth is now more important than ever to a virtuoso. 

Fronting our issue is Atasha Muhlach, who has recently entered the spotlight after getting her college degree in London. Through her story, we are reminded that time and again, something new and exciting will always land on the fashion sphere. 


For those of us who lead private lives, we all assume that being born in the spotlight is never easy. For the MEGA Entertainment September issue, twins Many and Cassy Legaspi debunk myths and misconceptions surrounding showbiz royalties. It’s not hard or easy, they both say, especially when it’s all they’ve ever known. Plus, they share with us their two cents on the concept of “nepo babies” and carving their own unique path in this huge industry. 


What does it take to be a man’s man? MEGA Man’s September issue examines this question through the stories of Marco Gumabao, who has become one of the most sought-after leading men in the country today.  In this issue, the adrenaline junkie shares his grooming habits, his heart-pumping hobbies, and how he lives the cool and quiet life under the lights of fame.

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